Starting at the next Transguardia Dinner, on 4 March, Transguardia launches a new series of artist editions. We do this, because we strongly believe in our original mission: bringing together gastronomy, architecture and the arts. Through buying an edition, you can acquire an interesting piece of art and at the same time support us to organize better events in the future.

The Evening Series / / / / / /
The first series we launch is called "The Evening Series". The Evening Series editions are directly linked to the Transguardia Dinners and signed by both the artist and featured chefs.

The FUTURES Series / / / / / /
Next to the Evening Series, we are also launching a series called 'FUTURES', especially focussing on artworks by promising young artists.

Lara Mennes
50x60cm, lambda print
Edition of 15
signed by the artist and the featured chefs
€ 75,00

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Yves Feyens
50x70cm, lambda print
Edition of 10
signed by the artist
€ 150,00

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